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Video: Great Visualization of four WHC Methods

This video gives you an overview of the following methods:

      1. Bag drip from vertical sample, calculate % drip loss (Honikel, 1998)
      2. Drip from horizontal sample, calculate % drip loss (Barton-Gade, 1993)
      3. Tube drip from a 3-cm diameter sample, calculate % drip loss (Rasmussen and Andersson, 1996)
      4. Filter paper contact of a vertical surface, visually score filter paper wetness (Kauffman et. al., 1986a,b)

These 4 methods would be expected to yield similar relative treatment differences in WHC. However, only the bag drip method of Honikel (1996) has been identified as a "standardized" reference method for raw, whole meat and it (or something similar with slight modifications) is frequently used as "reference data" and comparison with results from new, developing WHC methodology.