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Activity - Section III

Self- or group-study questions: (Answers at the end)

  1. True/False: Bound water is not usually lost from meat products.
  2. True/False: If the meat pH is below the isoelectric pH, there will be no WHC..
  3. The most desirable pH for WHC is meat at 5.0, 5.3 or 5.7 __________?
  4. If sarcomere myofilaments have more negative electrostatic charges on sarcomere proteins, the spacing between the myofilaments will ____________ (increase or decrease).
  5. Pre-rigor meat should have a ___________ (lower or higher) WHC than post-rigor meat.
  6. True/False: Phosphates added to meat systems will increase the WHC due to their positive charges. .
  7. True/False: Meat at a pH of 4.7 will have more WHC than meat at pH 5.2.
  8. Salt can improve WHC because it causes the isoelectric pH to ____________ (increase or decrease) from normal?
  9. Using the factors listed in the Fig. III-3, create several examples of how these factors interact to either increase or decrease WHC.