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Expanding the Knowledge of WHC

This section is for the brave-at-heart and those that really want to delve into the fundamental aspects of WHC. If this is not for you, move to the next Section V.

Many manuscripts, book chapters, oral presentations, and abstracts have been written on WHC, but a complete understanding of WHC has yet to be established. If someone really wants to pursue WHC and add to their fundamental understanding of WHC, they may benefit from some self-guided study of the topic. The assumption is that individuals pursuing this section will have some knowledge of biology, biochemistry, chemistry, physics, and physical chemistry among other subjects.

First you will be directed to the list of references. This would be a great place to initiate some in-depth, scholarly reading about WHC. You could easily replace these references with another list of significant contributions; so if your favorite WHC papers are not listed, they could easily be in the list. If you look at just 1 or 2 of these references, you surely will be impressed by the knowledge and application of fundamental muscle biochemistry, chemistry, and physical principles that are needed to conduct new, definitive research of elaborating the unknown aspects of WHC.

We are suggesting two activities to get you into the details of WHC. One will involve reading a recent paper and the second will involve working through a Power Point presentation related to the manuscript. Then some suggested self-guided activities are presented to help further your detailed understanding of the complexity and yet unknown aspects of WHC. Ideally, it would be nice to have discussions with one or more people with a mutual interest in WHC of meat, but significant scholarly gains can be obtained by dedicated individual work.