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Activity - Section II

Self- or group-study questions: (Answers at the end)

  1. True/False: Longer sarcomeres have lower WHC than short sarcomeres.
  2. Muscles with shorter sarcomeres have _________(more/less) space for water entrapment.
  3. If there are more negative electrostatic charges on sarcomere myofilaments, the spacing between the proteins molecules will ____________ (increase or decrease).
  4. True/False: The net charge on sarcomere myofilaments increases as pH increases.
  5. What do PSE and DFD represent?
  6. How can animal genetics affect WHC?
  7. As muscle is converted into meat, normally the pH declines to about _______ (give a range).
  8. How can post-mortem chilling affect WHC?
  9. Why is a rapid drop in muscle pH while the carcass temperature is still high so undesirable?