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List of Abbreviations used in this Learning Resource

Abbreviation Trait or substance or brief definition
ATP Adenosine tripolyphosphate, a high energy compound for cellular needs and the contraction and relaxation of muscle
Ca2+ Calcium ion with a valence charge of 2+
CO2 Carbon dioxide, a gas commonly used to immobilize pigs and in packaging
DFD Dark, firm and dry, undesirable meat quality that has a higher pH than normal
HACCP Hazard, Analysis, Critical, Control, Points; a food safety program
NIR Near infrared reflectance
NIRS Near infrared reflectance spectroscopy
NMR Nuclear magnetic resonance
NMR-T2 A particular trait of NMR spectra that characterize molecules
pH A measure of the acidity of muscle
pHI The isoelectric pH (5.1) of meat proteins; the pH where WHC is lowest
PSE Pale, soft, and exudative, undesirable meat quality due to short-time pre-slaughter stress
RN Napole gene, typical of Hampshire pigs that have a lower than normal post-mortem pH
SR Sarcoplasmic reticulum, a sub cellular structure that binds (muscle relaxes) and releases (muscle contracts) calcium ions that affect muscle contraction
WHC Water holding capacity