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Case 3 - EGO

Presentation of some components in German supply chain

As a regional chain EGO focuses on the cooperation with suppliers and customers in the region around Osnabrück. About 80% of the pig farms are located in a radius of 50 km around the slaughterhouse EGO. Consequently short transport distances for pigs are guaranteed.

The Figure below gives an overview of the affiliated groups, which are shown in the green frame. It covers the stages piglet production, finishing, slaughtering and partly processing. Products are sold to local butcheries as well as to retailers.

EGO has an own animal health management system. Advisors visit and check farms twice a year. Once a year it is combined with the routine health control of the farm veterinarian. On the basis of standardized check lists different subjects like vaccination program, parasite program, health status AK, performance data of the last six month as well as the actual health situation are checked. The Check lists are filled out manually by the veterinarians and sent to EGO.

EGO has the possibility to scan the handwritten text and digitalize the data. In a current project, veterinarians enter the data directly in an online check list on farm. These check lists are immediately available for the EGO, the veterinarian as well as for the farmer. Results are used as a basis for advice to improve farmer's performance and health status.

In addition to the farm checks health monitoring of piglets on Salmonella and PRRSV are performed twice a year to gain objective information about the farm's health status.

Other important organizations in the German pork supply chain are:

  • ZDS (Zentralverband der Deutschen Schweineproduktion). The ZDS is the umbrella organisation of organised pig production in Germany. ZDS comprises nearly all breeding organisations and organisations for artificial insemination and nearly all farmer organisations for sows, piglets, fattening and slaugtering pigs as well as agricultural consulting organisations.
  • ISN (Interessensgemeinschaft der Schweinehalter Deutschlands eV). German producers of piglets and fatteners are members of the ISN board. The objective is to "improve the situation of pig farmers throughout Germany as a part of the market." The organization offers different services for their members, like trading with piglets and pigs, pig auction, trading with gas (fluid) and insurances".