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Training employees in industry

The themes presented and discussed for each case provide employees with frames of reference for their own situation. The themes and additional information can be used for workshops in which employees can discuss, understand, analyse, and improve their own situation.

Trainers may use the e-learning resource for employee training by:

  1. Giving time to trainees to study the chapters and additional material
  2. Asking trainees to describe their own situation and discuss this in the group
  3. Asking trainees to make a presentation on their situation relative to the cases
  4. Giving time to trainees to make an essay for each chapter on the reflective questions
  5. Discussing relationships between chapters in a training session
  6. Asking trainees to think of solutions to bridge the information gap in their own situation and discuss them in the group

Teaching students in higher education

To allow students to grasp and reflect on each case and similarities and differences between cases, each chapter ends with reflective questions. Moreover, the last two chapters also contain questions to relate themes to each other. The last chapter also contains assignments for identifying gaps in current information systems in pork supply chains. Models in this chapter help students to formulate challenges and identify possible solutions. Students are also asked to post comments on the use of these models.

Teachers may use the e-learning resource in their courses by:

  1. Giving time to students to study the content
  2. Asking students to answer reflective questions and discuss them
  3. Asking students to make essays for reflective questions and use additional material (from the case or provided in addition)
  4. Discussing essays in working sessions
  5. Asking students to do a gap analysis for information systems in a specific case
  6. Asking students to make a report/essay on their solutions for information systems by using additional material (from the resource or provided in addition)