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Course content: Pork supply chains in the EU

Below you find information on three cases. This information allows comparison between the cases with respect to their location, size, markets, product characteristics, quality differentiation. Information on structure, governance, regulations, quality management, and information systems will be presented in later chapters.

  1. Vion Food Group covers a large part of the conventional pork supply chain in The Netherlands.
    Information is given for VION Food Group compared with the total pork sector in The Netherlands.
  2. Ham of Bayonne (see also the leaflet) is a regional product, a dry-cured ham produced with a traditional know-how. The process lasts on average between 7 to 12 months under conditions of specific temperature and humidity (dry southern wind, called "Foehn"). The meat is salted with salt from the Adour river basin and produced exclusively in the Adour basin region in France in compliance with EU PGI specifications.

Ham of Bayonne covers 20% of national production of dry-cured ham in France. It is the number one in the French dry-cured ham market.

Information of the chain IGP Jambon de Bayonne is presented in regard to regional and national production in France.

  1. EGO is a regional pork chain in Southern Lower Saxony, which produces pork meat under the brand name Eichenhof. It covers all stages from piglet production, rearing, finishing, transport, slaughter, processing and the distribution of pork products to local butcheries and retailers.
    Information is given for EGO compared with the total pork sector in Germany.