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Business example: strategy

VION's strategy rests on three key pillars: product leadership, operational excellence, and sustainability.

  • Innovation and marketing are essential tools for achieving product leadership.
  • Operational excellence is a necessary strategic factor in highly competitive markets that have little to differentiate the basic products. The bidder with the lowest cost structure and the most efficient organization will be the best placed.
  • Sustainability is rooted in VION's strategy. VION Food Group appreciates its social responsibility for sustainable business operations. VION Food Group weighs up the sustainability of business, social and environmental aspects when determining its strategy and policy.
  • The starting point for this is a Europe-wide 'level playing field'. In this way VION offers all its stakeholders sustainable and performance-oriented future prospects, with a clear business focus.
  • The three strategic pillars are also the basis for continuing profitable autonomous growth through mergers. Acquisitions at VION Food Group comply with strict financial criteria, involve strong leadership positions and have a clear synergy with existing activities.