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Salt concentration in different pig-meat products

Although all processed pork products contain sodium to some degree, the amount varies in each of them. Table 2.1 illustrates the normal sodium concentrations in different pork products.

Table 2.1 Sodium concentration in different UK pig meat products (Adapted from Food Standards Agency, 2002)

Processed pork product g Na/100g edible portion
Raw pork 0.06
Sausage rolls, puff pastry 0.60
Pork pie 0.65
Liver sausage 0.81
Sausage (raw) 0.86
Ham gammon joint (raw) 0.88
Black pudding 0.94
Frankfurters 0.96
Salami, Italian style 1.34
Salami, German style 1.50
Bacon (raw) 1.54
Salami, French style 1.70
Salami, Danish style 1.84
Bacon (grilled) 1.88