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Unit 6: Conclusions

PRRS is considered one of the main threats for the pig industry in most European countries. However, the situation differs between countries. It seems that most of the European countries are coping with the disease mainly by increasing biosecurity measures and a strict all-in all-out protocol. For countries free of PRRS virus there is a worry about introducing the virus via infected pigs or semen, so a strong surveillance system for animal and semen importation should be in place. Infected fresh meat has also been suggested as a possible hazard. However, this route of transmission is unlikely in Europe as the use of fresh meat or swill as a feedstuff in pigs has been banned because of the risk for other diseases.

In Denmark the impact of PMWS is currently controlled through strict biosecurity practices along with high standards of farm hygiene. In the rest of Europe the situation seems to have improved since vaccines were introduced, but it is still one of the most costly diseases for the pig industry as a whole.