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Training farmers and farms staff

  • First, with farmers in groups ask them to describe the situation on their farm regarding PMWS and PRRS and how they are dealing with it.
  • Give them time to work on the content of this resource (preferably over 2 or 3 weeks and to post their thoughts on the comments page.
  • Discuss what would they consider the best and most realistic options for their farm.

Teaching undergraduate students

  • First give students time to work on the content of the resource (preferably over 1 or 2 weeks).
  • Arrange a couple of farms visits and discuss with the farmer the situation regarding PMWS and PRRS on the farm.
  • Ask students to identify potential issues that might be having an impact on PMWS and/or PRRS farm status, and what they would suggest to the farmer.
  • Ask students to present their results with each student giving and receiving feedback.