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Inventory of pork production systems

In an inventory of 84 pork production systems identified in 23 European countries, 40 were regarded as conventional whereas the remaining 44 were considered as particular (differentiated), of which 68% made an animal welfare claim regarding their products.

More detailed information, for example on animal welfare, was collected from 70 of these farms. The pig housing systems varied significantly in terms of outdoor access and use of slatted floor and litter, as shown in Table 1.

Conventional (38 farms) Differentiated (32 farms)
Animal welfare rules 40% have specific rules 74% have specific rules
Housing of sows 61% mostly stalls 74% mostly loose
Out-door access for sows 29% 68%
No slatted floor for slaughter pigs 3% 39%

Table 1: Differences between conventional and differentiated pork production systems (based on 70 systems for which information was collected from system forms). Source: Q-PorkChains