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By Group 2, 2010-06-22 13:17:42
Lactating sows a piglets

can make nests, use a straw for making nests (Swedish system);
medical treatment (process is under control);
good conditions (can control temperature of pen);
piglets are safe, theiīre not lied down.

reduced space for farrowing (Swedish system);
no straw (French system);
sows are in one place, they cannot move, walk to look for a suitable nest site;
in connection with human.

By Group 3, 2010-06-22 13:12:12
Our thoughts about alternative and conventional keeping systems for growing pigs are:

1. Alternatively grown pigs are more stronger than conventional because they are getting more mothermilk and the weaning time is longer, about 17 week. If we are talking about conventional then they will be separated earlier.
2. In alternative way the pigs are more healthier than others because they can walk around freely
and moving is good for health.In conventional farms the pigs are living in pens.
3. In alternative keeping they are free to look their own feed, for example grass, nuts, insects and etc. The feed will be more various and useful. In conventional way they have feeding times and certain types of feed.
4. The communication between group of pigs is better in alternative keeping systems, they can contact with all other pigs. Communication is important because they are social animals.
5. Termoregulation is good if they are living freely, because they can find the mud, shadows, trees to scratch parasites off. In conventional keeping farms are equipted with ventilation which is depending of human mostly, or it works automatically but it is not better than fresh air.
6. In alternatival keeping, they can have natural behaviour what it is similar to wild pigs. They can communicate, walk free, feed free and they are more happier.

By Leena, 2010-06-22 12:51:35
Boars are too often kept in isolation without bedding.
Another problem for boars is that they are
often kept isolated from other pigs.
Positive points for sows:
Nest material (natural behavior)
Sows need space
ambient temperature aspects
negativ points for sows
the housing of sows in groups can have welfare problems, such as: (1) aggression during mixing of animals; (2) aggression at time of feeding; (3) bullying by dominant animals; (4) injuries of feet, leg and back due to excessive riding of each other during estrus;(5) wounds and scars from fighting.