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Lactating sows and piglets

A conventional system with piglets born in crate

Piglets suckling in crate. Note that the bars interfere with the piglets' suckling behaviour. Video: The Danish Veterinary Association

Management routines in a conventional system

Handling of piglets in conventional systems. Note that the piglet gets iron, is castrated, has its teeth clipped, is tail docked, is ear marked and receives medical treatment. Pigs in Denmark no longer get their teeth clipped and castration is performed differently today. Video: The Danish Society for Animal Protection

A conventional system with a farrowing pen

Sow and piglets in a farrowing pen with straw and heated corner. Video: Jan Ladewig

Alternative French system I: Fermier Label Rouge

Sows and piglets living outdoors with access to hut. Note the strong bond between the sow and the litter. Video: Julie Ryschawy

Alternative Swedish system I: organic production

Sows and piglets living outdoors with access to a hut. Video: KRAV

Alternative French system II: Porc Basque

Piglets born indoors on slatted floor but kept outdoors as weaners. Video: Julie Ryschawy

A conventional system for weaners without straw

Piglets in a flat-deck system. Note the behaviour of piglets in a barren environment. Video: Jan Ladewig