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Other systems for driving pigs to stunning

In small abattoirs, electrical stunning on the floor makes it possible to keep pigs in social groups. But when slaughter speed is high, stunning on the floor can become rough and haphazard depending on the experience of the stockperson. In this situation the risk for wrong placing of electrodes is high and has serious consequences.

This video shows head-only electrical stunning with good placement of the tongs, in a free-standing pig. Video: Louw Hoffman.

In some countries, conveyor systems are common in big abattoirs. Once the pigs are in a single-file race they can be loaded into a semi-automatic conveyor which takes them to the stunning position. The conveyor grips the pig between two moving walls and conveys it automatically to the stunner. Pigs do not walk voluntary into the conveyor and driving aids need to be used. Furthermore it has been found that the restrain is stressful to the pig. Many existing restraint devices are poorly designed and have uncomfortable pressure points that can lead to bruising.

This video shows the conveyor system for electrical stunning of pigs. Video: Louw Hoffman.