VION Food Group -GWWD

In 1992, GWWD, the Law on Animal Health and Welfare, was published (Middelkoop, 2007). The GWWD (Gezondheids- en Welzijnswet voor Dieren) is a framework law, which has been and still needs to be extended with more specific decisions and rules. Specific rules can be found in the execution guidelines (Handboek Varkenshouderij, 2004). The law in general contains regulation for the daily business with respect to contagious animal diseases. The list of diseases has been divided into A and B type diseases. Class A diseases are very contagious diseases, which travel very fast. Outburst of class A diseases has severe social, economical, and health consequences for a large area and for international trade in animals and animal products. Class B diseases have predominantly social, economical and health consequences on the national level, but impact international trade.