VION Food Group - GVP

Pig farmers working according to IKB should have an agreement with an acknowledged veterinarian working in accordance with the GVP (Good Veterinary Practice) code. In March 1990, a law for the practice of veterinary medicine was enacted (WUD: Wet Uitoefening Diergeneeskunde). The law came into effect on August 1, 1992. The objective of the law is to safeguard the quality of professional veterinary practice for the public interest, the last one being the national economy, public health and well-being of animals. The law was formulated in close connection  with the Animal Medicine Law. The Royal Dutch Society of Veterinarians (KNMvD) took the lead in formulating the sections of the WUD that dealt with professional conduct and on-going professional training. The Code of Conduct for Veterinarians, the Standard Test Criteria for Good Veterinary Practice, and the Quality Guarantee: Guidelines for Quality Management in Veterinary Practices, based on ISO guidelines, have been formulated. The Quality Guarantee is very similar to the Code of Good Veterinary Practice formulated by the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe (de Groot and de Ruijter, 2004).