VION Food Group - The Foodstuffs law

The Foodstuffs law originated in 1919 and changed considerably in 1988 and repeatedly since then. The Foodstuffs law is aimed at safeguarding adequate foodstuffs and other consumer products, where adequate means that products should not jeopardise consumer health and safety. Raw material for foodstuffs also are subject to the Foodstuffs law as well as food production, food preparation, and selling points. The Foodstuffs law is a framework law, consisting of a fixed part with points of departure. Decisions and rules are continuously added to keep the law actual. Government is advised about changes in the law by ROW (Regulier Overleg Warenwet (Regular Consultation Foodstuffs Law)), a discussion platform of representatives of the foodstuffs industry, trade and consumers. The law forces food companies to apply a control system. In practice, HACCP is applied for this purpose.