Exchange relationship between Breeder organization and Veterinarian

Purpose of exchange:

single transaction versus long-term relationship

Nature of communication:

anonymous versus firm to firm

Formality of exchange:

formal versus informal

Type of contract:

classic (closed) versus relational (open)

Long-term relations between breeder and veterinarian.

Relation is formalized in written contract.

Objective of the contract is to determine and execute (together with the breeding company) a farm health management plan.

Firm to firm communication exists between veterinarian and breeder.

The veterinarian (in The Netherlands) visits a farmer every 14 days, e.g., to monitor animal health; to prescribe medicines to administer vaccines.

Relation between breeder and veterinarian is formalized.

Mutual expectations and obligations regarding the performed services by both parties are detailed in the contract (e.g., regarding information exchange, frequency of visits).

The contracts are specific, in particular with regard to services performed by the veterinarian (e.g., the contract specifies which diseases are treated, as well as methods of treatment).

Contracts are closed. Veterinarian standards and processes are set within the GVP (Guide for Good Veterinarian Practice).