Product information:

Process information:

Information systems used:



Apposition of individual  slaughtering number for each pig Identification of each fresh ham with a code number

Stamping each certified fresh ham by the letter “C”

Carcass/ fresh ham technical information is used: as the basis for the pay-out system and for added value to farmers according to the fat dorsal thickness for the case of Bayonne Ham.
Weight, age, fat information are recorded and quality factor relatives to: genetic, mode of production, pig feed, transport and slaughter conditions

Characteristics of fresh ham: technological quality, sanitary aspect, sensory attributes, traceability,

After slaughtering, mention CEE must stamping  into ham with identification number of abattoir, and code date of slaughtering


Visual control of identification of pig for slaughtered, certification of farm,
Respect of animal welfare: slaughtering condition for pig, (pigs are slaughtered per batch)
For traceability, each ham is stamping by sanitary stamp of slaughterhouse, and specific mark for ham corresponding to the specification of Bayonne ham,

Technical characteristics of fresh ham :
 as example: for conventional pork, TVM measurement is about 60 and several weight of slaughtered pig about 90-92kg, it is about 120kg for heavy pork  with fat more than 10mm. Fresh ham weight is more than 9,5kg and fat  between 13 to 15mm

Selection and classification of carcass.

Fresh ham are selected and classified according to their weight, cut, color, pH and their conformity to specific cut for Bayonne Ham.

Food safety analysis and hygiene. (microbiological analysis)



Electronic data storage by using computer/software
Use of informatics system PCM

Document paper  to be recorded  for traceability :official listing paper of certified farm /sites of production (held by the Consortium) delivery document, document note of PCM,  slaughtering planning,  summary list of pig slaughtered

Slaughterhouse has to communicate and inform pig farmer /pig producer group about  quantity  of certified fresh ham for Bayonne Ham process,
They use document paper PCM which is a ticket of weight classification and marking/stamping of ham. It contains the percentage of certified fresh ham able to be processed.

General information about the slaughtering activity is available in internet web based system