Product information:

Process information:

Information systems used:



Traceability of finished ham
Identification of ham by burning or others technical
Identification of process unit
Duration of maturing and drying, weight, packaging, labelling (sell by date and limit date of consumption
For labelling:
Mention of IGP, origin, area of processing “Adour Basin”, label ham of Bayonne (Basque laburu seal)

Traceability of ham,
Health and hygiene information to insure food risk management
Microbiological analysis result
Temperature, pH, salt analysis
Ham characteristic: sensory attributes
Accounting of  input –output of ham for salting and drying
Output accounting system of exported ham


Internet web-based system about the processing information and the company activity

Electronically data recording by computer, software data base for quality management and administration

PCM software
Invoice (paper document) and orders