Pig farmers / cooperative


Product information:

Process information:

Information systems used:

Pig farmers

Identification of farm
Identification of pigs and its origin ( by tattoo, and code number)
Performance information.
Genetics type used

Type of farming (farming method)/housing  have to be indicated
Number of finisher pigs, age, weights

Information about pig health and sanitary: vaccination, medicine, diseases indicators, growth data, number of new born piglets, birth defects, weights, fertility traits of sows
For traceability, registration of animal movements
Environmental information and animal welfare

Farmers used document paper , and can directly record all information every 7 days to the central database (particularly animals movements)

Farmers held a farm book registration containing all information regarding pig farm

Automated pig management system by using software

For farm administration , automated invoice, dashboard, planning management
Example: for FIPSO cooperative: new software “Centaure”, data base: new server IBM System i520 and IBM System x for customers management

Information relatives to farmers concerning regulation, health , housing, labelling pig market are accessible also with producer group and various  internet website of different organization which support pork chain