Feed company


Product information:

Process information:

Information systems used:

Feed producer

Feed formula: raw material and its composition.
Example: feed for certified heavy sow composed by 60% of cereals at least without animal flour

Date of formula application, quantity of feed
Product offers (product range) are different regarding the age of animal: piglet or finisher pig
Identification/ registration of feed company
Price information Labelling of feed with mention “conformity Ham of Bayonne”


Traceability of feed.
Dosage of materials in mixes, linoleic acid  rate, conservation of feed sample per batch
Laboratory results about safety
Contract between feed producer and farmers regarding quantity, formula (example: complete feed), delivery date, and price.
Feed company lead audits ones a year with farmers regarding pig feed and pig housing

Every information relatives to Ham of Bayonne specification are stored using paper usually (invoice)  or automated information management/software:
Various documents to be conserved for traceability are: Listing of feed formula, feed accompanying document, feed processing document (with date,  raw materials, quantity), supplies invoice, feed sales invoice and orders.
Information relatives to offers: animal feed, labels, can be found on Internet-based system for some feed company (example of Sanders Adour). In this case, farmers can make their orders from e-commerce systems
Feed composition information must be storage during 5 years