Breeder Company / Organization


Product information:

Process information:

Information systems used:

Breeding company/organization

Type of  select pig genetics
Identification of dose for artificial insemination
Laboratory results about potential breeding boars  and progeny

Health related information
data about  diseases indicators
Boars  race : Large White  or hybrid Large White x Piétrain or Duroc , specific race for dried ham

Contract between breeder company and farmers contains:  genetic type choosen by farmers, quantity of sperm for artificial insemination, frequency and mode of delivery, packaging of the semen
During the sperm dose preparation, for farmers: respect of strict hygiene rules, remarks are collected between internal staff  to prevent failure or deterioration of equipment or samm items


Information regarding various
genetics and its performance are accessible in internet website of the company

Automated/ electronically data management/software

Statistics data(using computer)
As example for INPIG (artificial insemination centre): road board for delivery
Every month the engeneer of quality record by electronic computer based system all indicators of internal monitoring process
of   artificial insemination dose preparation

Paper remark for customers. Remarks are compared with internal indicator and used to prevent or correct action.

Meeting are organized every month and annual enquiries with farmers