Slaughterhouse/Processor - Retail

Product information exchange:

Process information exchange:

Planning information:

Information system used:

Information regarding quantity (i.e. volumes), quality (e. health status, certification) and origin of animals codified in delivery documents (information also codified into quality labels).
Information regarding product quality (residuals, sell-by date) of animals is tested in in-house laboratory.

- Information regarding feeding and vaccination schemes (at farmer level) and slaughtering (e.g. hygiene) codified into quality labels.


Transaction-specific information, e.g.:

  • volume
  • time
  • temperature
  • cutting
  • packaging

The retailer does not share market (research) information with the retailer. Market information is used by the retailer to change its demands.

EDI system is used to exchange data regarding orders (not actual sales data is exchange, but sales data corrected for seasonal influences etc.).