Feed producer – Farrower/Finisher

Product information exchange:

Process information exchange:

Planning information:

Information system used:

The feed company attaches labels to each delivery (raw material (about 20), supplier, transporter). Label information is given to the slaughterhouse (by EDI in the past – transition to new system).
Farmer receives invoice by post with details on delivered feed, suppliers, prices agreed, transport document.
Mineral accounting.
Monitoring system.
Trace is currently not used.

Laboratory results of raw material delivered to the feed company is not communicated to farmers.

Farmers indicate a desired delivery date and the silo, if applicable, in which the feed should be put.
Price information is sent one- or two-weekly to all possible clients.
Forecasts are not communicated with farmers.
Information on farmer ordering behaviour (incl. stable size and number of pigs) is used for internal forecasting. The feed company advisors communicate with farmers about customer information used by the company.

Between the feed company and farmers, information is exchanged on paper. In the near future internet will replace the paper-based system.
Between dealers and the feed company an electronic ordering system is used. In near future, an e-commerce system will be used.
The feed mix system used is a (laptop) system used by the company’s advisors to compute a customised feed mix for a farmer. The system is connected to the internal ERP system.