Breeder organization/Breeder – Farrower/Finisher

Product information exchange:

Process information exchange:

Planning information:

Information system used:

Through its own magazine, information on developments regarding the breeding organisation’s products are communicated to farmers.
Members of the organisation’s commercial team visit farrowers 2-5 times a year for relationship management purposes.

No in-depth exchange of process-related information takes place between breeder and producer. The breeder delivers finished products to the producers.
Once every year, the breeding organisation collects data on the technical results of farrowing and finishing farms, to obtain feedback on the quality of their genetic material (to be used in their breeding programs).

Once every 6 weeks, gilts are delivered to the producer.
The producer specifies desired quantity and quality of gilts, and indicates a desired delivery date. The breeding organisation sets (recommended) prices for its breeders.

The breeder delivers gilts to the farmer. Problems with previous deliveries are discussed face-to-face at arrival.
Information exchanges regarding planning information take place by means of telephone calls.
To collect the technical results of farrowing and finishing farms, the breeding organisation sends letter, through post, to buyers of the organisation’s products. Farmers can return the data by post, or through the company’s website.